PEAXACT Tour Part 7 - Real-Time Analysis

This is part 7 of a tour through PEAXACT - Sotware for Quantitative Spectroscopy from S-PACT. It shows how to use PEAXACT as a back-end predictor for automated real-time analysis, introducing the PEAXACT Application Server API and PEAXACT ProcessLink.

PEAXACT Application Server

The PEAXACT Application Server is a Windows DLL which provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to PEAXACT data analysis. For example, you can write your own software and implement PEAXACT as a back-end predictor using Visual Studio and .NET. Or you can integrate PEAXACT with third-party applications if they provide a scripting or plug-in engine, e.g. VBA in Excel or VB Script in general.

For some third-parties the PEAXACT Application Server is shipped with ready-to-use interfaces, e.g. for Kaiser (HoloPro) or Bruker (OPUS), other third-parties have already integrated the PEAXACT Application Server into their software themselves, e.g. tec5 (MultiSpec Pro II) or CAMO (Process Pulse II).

PEAXACT ProcessLink

PEAXACT ProcessLink is a Windows App which links PEAXACT data analysis to any third-party application without the need to write custom software. ProcessLink uses a technique called "folder monitoring" to watch a directory for incoming files. New spectrum files are automatically analyzed in real-time. Results are immediately presented to the user in a real-time chart, and are exposed to external applications by means of a built-in OPC UA server. This procedure is totally device-independent, i.e. it works with any lab or process instrument and any measurement software. All it needs is a PEAXACT model to analyze the data. (More on the product web page.)

This concludes the PEAXACT Tour. Ready to try out PEAXACT yourself? Go back to the Quick Start page and choose a tutorial!



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